Effective Business Messaging API

Ukbd Messaging and SMS API helps start-ups and enterprises to easily communicate with their customers. Our global coverage, developer-friendly API, easy integration and expert support make the developer’s job of sending alerts or notifications to the customers easier.

Effective Business Messaging API

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Our Simplified API supports normal as well as Unicode message text for your single or bulk messaging requirements. We can customise our API to suit your requirements and format it as accepted by the mobile network country-wise.


Our 2FA OTP service is Simple, cost-effective, Automated and Instant. Code Generation to Verification can be completed in a matter of just 20 seconds. Quick and efficient to keep your business and customers safe from fraud attempts..

2-Way Messaging

With our dedicated Short codes and Virtual numbers, you can easily partake in conversational style messaging with your customers using in-bound out-bound messaging and a customer-reply back feature.

What We Offer

Lightning-fast Delivery

Time and Text wait for no man! With the help of Ukbd, you’re guaranteed a speedy delivery, especially important for services like OTPs, within a matter of 20 seconds!.

High Delivery Rate

Ukbd Networks follows the best practices and direct connection to ensure a high delivery rate. It is important to us that you reach your customers- you’re assured of reaching all valid and online numbers.

Competitive Price

When it comes to pricing, it’s best to compare and choose. Ukbd offers the best messaging gateway and integration service at a very competitive price. When we say competitive, we mean it!

Global Coverage

Ukbd Networks is a one-stop access point to connect to operators worldwide. It’s even part of the reason why we’re called Direct7 - get direct connectivity to 7 continents!.

Easy Integration Plugins

Ukbd has easy integration plugins which can be used by both developers as well as non-developers to easily integrate our services to any application which you currently use.

24/7 Support

Ukbd Networks offers around-the-clock world-class support for you and your team. Again, 7-days-a-week support is the rest of the reason of how we earned our name.

Get Started With Your D7 Account

Avail 10+ FREE SMS Credits On Your Sign Up With D7. Try Sending Test Messages And Get To Know The Efficiency Of D7 SMS Gateway. Looking To Customize? No Worries, We Can Help You Customize Matching Your Preference And Requirements.

Create your D7 Account

Account creation with D7 is easy. All you need to do is to sign-up with your basic info and our API token will be sent to your registered e-mail ID within a matter of seconds.

Follow documentation and Integrate

Our plugins – in most marketplaces, API’s, SDK’s, sample code and Easy documentation makes the integration of our SMS service into your workflow within a few minutes to test your first SMS.

Purchase credit and commence communication

Once testing is completed, you are ready to go live!.

Integrate Ukbd SMS Gateway into your workflow

Ukbd helps you implement alerts or notifications with your favorite apps or technologies to make your messaging experience better.

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